Lloyd Masel


The first thing about Elinor Gorenshtein that invites the attention of the

visitor is a pair of large, probing eyes and a beautiful, broad smile. The

former ballet dancer is still petite at the age of thirty years and soon to

be groomed into motherhood, but now fully absorbed in a steadily

growing practice of individual self-analysis.

ORLAGUF, Elinors business, deals with the connection between Body and Soul where

private manner to discover the highest awareness in personal achievement, health and

mental satisfaction. Clients of all ages participate.

The interview continued in a more hands-on manner.

“Do you have a problem?” Elinor asked. I thought for a moment or two then responded in the

affirmative, briefly outlining the nature of my concern.

“Is your problem an attitude of society, or your own private issue?” she replied.

I wasn’t exactly sure, so she retorted. “If this is a view held by society, don’t worry. But if it

bothers you personally, you must deal with it.” And we continued chatting about the matter for

a few more minutes.

What really impressed me about that brief encounter was Elinor’s intense listening ability

followed by her swift analysis and suggestions to overcome the issue. Here was a person

who could quickly get to the bottom of a problem and find an equally swift solution.

Elinor decided to visit Australia following her tenure in army service, not just to visit friends,

but to learn more about different lifestyles and how people viewed their own personal

evelopment. Returning to Israel in 1999 Elinor commenced studying shiatsu, tai chi, chi kong

and acupuncture at a private school of medicine in Haifa. Following the completion of these

courses, she attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business at the Open University.

More study followed at the Hamil Management School for Business and Private Coaching.

At a comparatively early age Elinor discovered she was capable of deep communication and

the treatment of troubled souls by analysing breathing and muscular functions of the body.

This unique gift led to her challenging career path where she made a concentrated effort to

learn everything she could about the association of body and soul. The study program has

never ended and as more and more people discover the hidden virtues of alternative medical

practice, Elinor finds herself at the center of a real growth industry.

In many parts of the world private coaching is still in its infancy. Yet, as more and

more people discover the worthwhile benefits of individual self-analysis, the virtues are almost

limitless. After all, how can we learn to live in peace and harmony with other people if we do

not have a proper knowledge and understanding of ourselves?

The real challenge is to find practitioners who not just have the spiritual and physical

knowledge of what they are treating, but the ability to communicate with patients, to listen

intently to their fears, doubts, worries and concerns and to build a level of mutual confidence.

Then they can be treated and hopefully, cured.

In this respect, Elinor Gorenshtein excels. Her goal is for all Israelis to achieve their

highest awareness in personal development and satisfaction. A truly ambitious, but

highly worthwhile project. She deserves every success which comes her way!